Inclusive Courses

Excellence in teaching is defined by student success in learning, and both require an inclusive pedagogical approach that actively supports all students, removes arbitrary barriers to learning and takes a student-centered approach in course design and implementation.

Many factors influence the ability of students to learn and to demonstrate their learning, and these factors include the classroom culture and climate, as well as teaching decisions made by the instructor. Infusing our courses with inclusive excellence (IE) pedagogy is essential to the success of our students and, therefore, to our university. IE@NC is working to transform classroom environments by helping faculty learn IE best practices and apply them to their teaching.

The IE@NC team has also been actively involved in helping to create a new, common course experience for all students entering NC State. The course — Wicked Problems, Wolfpack Solutions (WPWS) — demonstrates the importance of interdisciplinarity and inclusivity in addressing big problems. As one presenter put it, we have to bring together all sorts of people, with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, and with many different areas of interest and expertise in order to creatively and effectively address any wicked problem. The Summer 2020 WPWS offering focused on the wicked problem of the covid-19 pandemic, and was offered free to all incoming first-year NC State students. It is being run again (still free of charge) in December for all incoming first-year and transfer students starting at NC State in the Spring. Planning is already underway for the Summer 2021 WPWS offering, which will focus on the wicked problem of global climate change and associated social inequities.


HHMI Inclusive Excellence Faculty Workshops

The HHMI Inclusive Excellence Faculty Workshops provide Life Sciences faculty an opportunity to learn about IE pedagogy and work together to change their courses or develop a new course using IE best practices.

Course-based Research Experience (CRE) courses: Faculty who are interested in developing a course that uses research experience as a means of teaching, can sign up to participate in an additional one-day training focusing on how to create a course using research as pedagogy.

Faculty participants will receive a stipend for completing the workshop and teaching an IE-improved course. Participants who complete the additional CRE training and course development will receive an additional stipend. For more information, please contact

Summer opportunity: The Inclusive STEM Teaching Project (NSF-funded) MOOC will run June 15 through July 27. Learn more at