Inclusive Excellence at NC State

Inclusive Excellence (IE) at NC State is an initiative funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (read about IE@NC and HHMI) that fosters a growing community of NC State students, faculty, administration, and staff who are intentionally engaged in the pursuit of inclusive excellence in higher education.

The IE at NC State Initiative supports personal and professional development, creates opportunities to build community, and promotes efforts to work together across boundaries of all sorts.  We encourage all members of the Wolfpack family to identify and remove arbitrary barriers (interpersonal, systemic and cultural) that impede inclusive excellence throughout higher education, and we welcome you to join our IE community to learn more about how to engage with this challenge.

The current NC State strategic plan includes this statement: “We commit to creating sustainable systemic change across the university that improves our campus culture and empowers NC State to be a truly inclusive, welcoming and supportive environment for all.” That statement is found in the Goal 4 summary, but there are opportunities to infuse the principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity throughout all of the strategic plan. Let’s work together to make that happen.

If you are interested in working with us, email us at — and please consider joining us on this journey by signing up for one or more of the IE training opportunities available at NC State. Let’s work together to re-imagine a higher education experience that welcomes, supports and educates all members of the Wolfpack Family.